Monday, October 29, 2012

The 'calm' before the 'storm'

So, I know I said I would start working out on Monday mornings {along with some other times} but I haven't gotten my DVD yet and I already took a shower. But I did do 60 sit-ups; 20 normal, 20 left sided oblique, and 20 right sided oblique, so that is something. I know my package should be here by tomorrow. I have also heard rumours that FitBit One's are being shipped now and I am SO excited, because that means I should be getting mine before too long! To be honest, I loved being able to eat whatever I wanted on Saturday, but I also ate a lot more of things than I should have because I knew I wasn't going to get another chance for like 10 days, I think my body is ready to get onto a more consistent food plan again, though I must admit I will probably be looking forward to my next splurge day within a few days here. I was informed that results are best if waiting at least 5 days between each Ignite and so I am going to continue with my "eat days" and I must get better at following the program more closely until Friday. I have missed real food and so I have been splurging a little more than I should be.  I probably won't be listing my meals every day like I had been before, not unless there is something particularly exciting that happens. But this will be a fun journey; got my Jillian Michaels DVD yeah. 

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