Thursday, September 27, 2012

Task Killer, iPhone Style

My husband has an Android and he always gave me a hard time when I first got my iPhone 4 because he could kill his tasks to save battery power rather than having apps run in the background. Then Apple had an updated where I could kill apps on my phone {of course, he failed to mention that until about a week ago}. I was so amazed and have tried to share it with other iPhone users, so I will show you here.

After using your phone for whatever reason all you need to do is click your little circle button twice in quick succession {you do not want to talk to Siri}; upon doing this you should get a little drawer that looks a little something like the following image which will show all the apps that you just used.
Great, step 1 has been accomplished, now all you have to do is take your finger and hold it down on one of these highlighted apps until it starts wiggling {just as if you were going to move something on the main screen} and it should look a little something like this with the little red circles and then you just click each one and it will be removed from your 'open tasks'.
Great, you have completed the 2nd step and once you have closed all the open tasks your little drawer should be empty and grey, like so.
Hurray, you now know how to kill your apps and save your battery power so you can use your phone even more every day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pound Pebbles

I am a Pinterest-olic and this is one of the ideas I found while I was surfing. I thought it would be a great visual to add to my motivation and so I decided to create my own version. As you can see, I just have little glass "pebbles" and each one is worth 1 pound that I want to lose. As I lose a pound I get to transfer it from the the "pounds to lose" to the "pounds lost"; and God forbid I backtrack and gain weight, the reverse is of course plausible as well. Seeing as I made them this morning, there is of course no pebbles in my "pounds lost" jar; however, I did do a small workout this morning and am hoping to work my up to P90X yet. I'm excited and this excitement is carrying me through some better diet choices and some more active mornings.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

P90X...or not

So, my husband and I are very set on trying to work out more; at least, we have mentally made that decision and I have put some action into it and he hasn't really done anything, but he has probably already lost more weight than I have {you know how men are}.

Today I decided to walk to Target to return a lamp that was missing a part, this was just about 2 miles away {which I was surprised to learn when I looked it up on Google Maps just now}. The sun was out but there was a light breeze which was nice to feel brushing my hair out of {and in to} my face. Then on my way back I had to walk even a little further due to dropping off some Redbox DVDs and while I was there I ended up picking up some soda which was on sale {don't worry, I picked up diet for myself}. Upon arriving home I was very motivated, so I decided to pop in the first DVD for the P90X Lean Program; about 5 minutes in I realized just how out-of-shape I truly was. I only felt out of breathe, but it still was not a very good thing. So the short of it is, I really need to work myself up to a point where I can actually do P90X {and hopefully I can finally motivate my husband to even think about putting the DVD in, haha}. I admit that I am nowhere near my goals, but I am so looking forward to the end results. I hope to keep updating here some kernels of wisdom and great workouts I find and as I eventually have some significant results I may even post comparison photos. Until that time, wish me luck!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Banana, scratch removal system

I recently got my hands on an iPod off of Craigslist and was slightly disappointed with the scratches on the screen and the back of the iPod. I did some Googling for scratch "removal" for screens and such and I found two at-home remedies that I was more interested in. The one that I have first attempted here is that of tearing off a piece of banana and rubbing it across the scratched surfaces then using a microfiber cloth to remove the goop and then of course removing the sticky residue with a mildly damp cloth. I was very unsatisfied with the results, in fact, I am not sure anything has really changed at all. So down in the dumps on that, but now I will just have to try the 2nd option of purchasing Brasso (a mild abrasive that can be bought for like $3 for a small bottle that will last forever). So hopefully look forward to a new post on that type of scratch "removal".

Friday, September 7, 2012

Coldsore Magic

Have you ever had a Coldsore that just would not go away? Well I have and I never knew about this amazing home remedy that my boss told me about it. It is a simple as 1...2...3. All you need to do is make a paste of baking soda and water and apply; depending on the size of the sore it can take 2+ applications over a few days. Beware it can sting something fierce because it is literally drying out the sore so it can heal faster. After this discovery I had the great idea of also trying it on a few acne spots that had appeared out of nowhere {I never really was one who had to worry about acne, even as a teenager}. I have noticed that they have gotten smaller but it has not made them disappeared {sad day}. So another experiment gone sour, but at least the first is nearly equal to a miracle.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

White Nails

CLAIM: How to get white nails -- make a paste using 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and 
2 1/4 tbsp baking soda. Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila, white nails!

I had painted my finger nails a beautiful bright pink and after a few days the paint had become chipped and it was not very attractive {I have so many problems with this and I hate it} so I decided to take it off and put on some new paint. After having pink and red toned painted nails are often left with rather unattractive nails that can be difficult to work with so I wanted to try this experiment that I saw on Pinterest. I was very saddened by the results, I even got to my point of impatience and started to try and scrub the baking soda into my nails and it didn't seem to help at all. I did notice that it started to make the skin on the ends of my fingers to hurt and dry out. Overall it was pretty much a waste of five minutes of my prep-time in the morning.