Sunday, September 16, 2012

Banana, scratch removal system

I recently got my hands on an iPod off of Craigslist and was slightly disappointed with the scratches on the screen and the back of the iPod. I did some Googling for scratch "removal" for screens and such and I found two at-home remedies that I was more interested in. The one that I have first attempted here is that of tearing off a piece of banana and rubbing it across the scratched surfaces then using a microfiber cloth to remove the goop and then of course removing the sticky residue with a mildly damp cloth. I was very unsatisfied with the results, in fact, I am not sure anything has really changed at all. So down in the dumps on that, but now I will just have to try the 2nd option of purchasing Brasso (a mild abrasive that can be bought for like $3 for a small bottle that will last forever). So hopefully look forward to a new post on that type of scratch "removal".

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