Sunday, September 23, 2012

P90X...or not

So, my husband and I are very set on trying to work out more; at least, we have mentally made that decision and I have put some action into it and he hasn't really done anything, but he has probably already lost more weight than I have {you know how men are}.

Today I decided to walk to Target to return a lamp that was missing a part, this was just about 2 miles away {which I was surprised to learn when I looked it up on Google Maps just now}. The sun was out but there was a light breeze which was nice to feel brushing my hair out of {and in to} my face. Then on my way back I had to walk even a little further due to dropping off some Redbox DVDs and while I was there I ended up picking up some soda which was on sale {don't worry, I picked up diet for myself}. Upon arriving home I was very motivated, so I decided to pop in the first DVD for the P90X Lean Program; about 5 minutes in I realized just how out-of-shape I truly was. I only felt out of breathe, but it still was not a very good thing. So the short of it is, I really need to work myself up to a point where I can actually do P90X {and hopefully I can finally motivate my husband to even think about putting the DVD in, haha}. I admit that I am nowhere near my goals, but I am so looking forward to the end results. I hope to keep updating here some kernels of wisdom and great workouts I find and as I eventually have some significant results I may even post comparison photos. Until that time, wish me luck!

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