Thursday, September 27, 2012

Task Killer, iPhone Style

My husband has an Android and he always gave me a hard time when I first got my iPhone 4 because he could kill his tasks to save battery power rather than having apps run in the background. Then Apple had an updated where I could kill apps on my phone {of course, he failed to mention that until about a week ago}. I was so amazed and have tried to share it with other iPhone users, so I will show you here.

After using your phone for whatever reason all you need to do is click your little circle button twice in quick succession {you do not want to talk to Siri}; upon doing this you should get a little drawer that looks a little something like the following image which will show all the apps that you just used.
Great, step 1 has been accomplished, now all you have to do is take your finger and hold it down on one of these highlighted apps until it starts wiggling {just as if you were going to move something on the main screen} and it should look a little something like this with the little red circles and then you just click each one and it will be removed from your 'open tasks'.
Great, you have completed the 2nd step and once you have closed all the open tasks your little drawer should be empty and grey, like so.
Hurray, you now know how to kill your apps and save your battery power so you can use your phone even more every day!

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