Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick Dry Nails

  • 1
    Run cold water into a sink or a bowl, large enough for your fingernails to be submerged (Optional add ice cubes).
  • 2
    Paint your nails (It doesn't matter if they're still a little messy).
  • 3
    Slowly sink your fingertips/hands into the water.
  • 4
    Keep your fingertips/hands there for three minutes
  • 5
    When you take your hands out, your nail polish should be rock hard and any splotches on your skin will have been cleared away.

    I don't know if you have seen this on Pinterest, but I have and now I have tried it. I of course was a little lazy and I did not use ice cubes, nor did I wait the whole 3 minutes before removing my hand but it still worked! Of course, the longer you wait submerged the drier they will be when you remove them. I was a little skeptical, but it worked better than expected and I would definitely suggest you try it! But I must say that it does not work as well as it claims or maybe it is just because I was a little lazy, haha.

    EXTRA NOTE: after I woke up in the morning I noticed little air bubble pockets on my nails and the clear polish didn't come off my skin as easily as the colored.

  • Wednesday, August 29, 2012

    Post Your Blogs on Facebook or Twitter!!

    Okay, so I Googled how to have my blog posts updated to Facebook and Twitter and I discovered TwitterFeed and so far I LOVE it. It works great and it is SO simple to set up. The only thing I discovered was that when the blogs get updated to Facebook they just give a tinyURL and an image (if you choose) and it doesn't really give any description, however, if you have your Twitter setup to post it's updates to Facebook then you can have Facebook updates with the descriptor and it is fantastic. An additional aspect is that once you have your feeds setup, your dashboard will show you stats on how many people have clicked on each post. You'll be able to compare posts and see just how Twitterfeed is helping to build your traffic {or at least that is what it claims!}. So I would definitely recommend it!

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    2 Weeks Notice

    Putting in your two weeks notice is one of the hardest things ever. I have only ever had to do it once before tonight and I put my two weeks notice in a month before I was scheduled to be done for the summer {so it didn't quite have the same sting}. Tonight however was a different story, I had to put in a two weeks notice for a job that I enjoyed but that just was not working out {for multiple reasons}. I then thought it might be a good post to share the words I used for anyone les who may have the same need. This template will not work for everyone and should be customized for each individual, but it worked well for this instance in which I was quitting a part time job for a full time position at my other part time job.

    Dear (supervisor),

    I am writing to notify you that I am providing my two weeks notice and will be resigning from my position, effective (month day, year).

    This was not an easy decision to make. I love what I do and I love all of you, however, after much consideration I have accepted a new full time position with (new employer). I would be glad to provide whatever support I can during my remaining time.

    I wish you and all my coworkers success in the future and I thank you for all the support you have provided for me.


    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    A Little Bit of a Story

    I've been working on a story for a little while and thought I'd put a little of the beginning down here and see if anyone happened to read it and liked what they saw...

    “You have been out of contact for two weeks and all you have to offer me is this dirty, scrawny thing?” a shrill voice emerged from the shadows of the dimly lit room. She had not had much time to look around, nor did she risk the chance now.
    “With your abilities this rock will be shined up into a diamond. You know it and I know you know it, so there is no use trying to cheat me out of your part of the deal. I brought you the girl and I am going to get the money I was promised.” The grizzled man’s voice had nearly reached shouting before the woman interrupted his growling.
                “Now do not go and get yourself into a tizzy, you will get what we agreed upon.” And with a puff she tossed a small bag into his waiting hands, in the same moment she tugged at the girl’s small wrist. As they made their way down the hall, with the man whistling his way out the door, she chanced a look around. The hall was long and narrow; she could barely walk alongside the portly woman without bruising herself against the old walls. The woman’s black hair was harshly pulled back in a tight bun and the hall, which was lit by several murky wall lamps, cast severe shadows on the woman’s face. The girl shirked away when the woman glanced down.
                “I am Madame Weatherly and we have a couple of rules here, if you are a good girl you will like it here. Do not make a sound, lest you anger the Master. Never look the Master in the eye should you have the honour of meeting him. And never, ever think of trying to run away.” With that note of warning she swung open a door that had previously been unseen by the young girl. Within its depths she could see a wooden ladder leading up into the darkness.
                “Come on, be a good girl.” Madame Weatherly said as she shut the door. The girl stood alone in the darkness looking up when she heard the turn of the key in the lock and the resounding clunk as it was bolted shut. She was a prisoner and only God knew where she was. With trembling feet she crawled up the ladder hoping to find something soft to sleep on. At the top she was surprised to find a feather soft mattress. Curling up amidst the blankets, a deep sob caught in her throat. Scared of angering the Master she silently kept her tears to herself. As she drifted into sleep images danced in her head, happier times with her father and her sister. Her sister; she wondered where her sister was.
                With a jerk she sat straight up, thunder sounded in the distance. That was when she last saw her sister – the rivers were flooding with all the rain and the ground was muddy, so muddy. She remembered that mud, the way it squished between her toes; her sister Violet loved squishing the mud in her toes. Their dad had always warned them not to go out when it was raining, it was dangerous. One day, the rain had let up and the sun was shining. Violet said she wanted to go outside, with their mom gone and her dad at work during the day she was charge. She knew she had lots to do about the house before the rain started coming back down but Violet so wanted to play. With a smile Violet ran out the door, a couple hours later she stood at the same open door peering into the torrents of rain yelling out for her sister. She knew her father would be angry, she knew he would not be happy. Leaving dinner on the table she ran out to look for her sister, hoping to bring her back before her father was any the wiser.
    That is what brought her here, wherever here was. In the room, now lit by some small rays shining from a small window near the ceiling, she sat; alone, scared, and hungry. The next morning she found some bread and water at the foot of her ladder, some mornings it was there and some mornings it was not; she took to saving half of it just in case. Days passed like this, the nights were riddled with nightmares and tears and the days with the sounds of wheels on cobbled paths she assumed were just outside her walls.
    She knew not when, it may have been a fortnight or it may have been longer, but at the peak of her ladder one morning she awoke to a small dark face peering at her.
    “Musn’ make a sound miss” the girl whispered as she crawled up onto the floor “Mas’er is comin’ soon and you mus look purty miss. Musn’ worry miss, I will help you.” From below she pulled up a small basket. “Here be some breakfas’ miss, I bet you’re a might hungry miss.”
    “You need not call me ‘miss’, my name is Miriam.” She offered with a small smile.
    “Oh thank you miss, but I mus’ or else the Madame will beat me, miss.” She said in an ardent whisper, “but ‘tis a purty name miss.”.
    Trying to make amends Miriam asked, “What is your name then?”
    “Oh we mus’n be friends, miss, the Mas’er don’t take kindly to that, nor does the Madame. I jus’ here to brush your hair and give you a purty new dress miss.” But in the slightest whisper she added, “My name be Maddy, miss”.....

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Learn Something New Everyday!

    I'm pretty new at my banking job {I love it, but I am still new} and there are some fun things that I have learned that I think everyone, or at least someone out there, would like or need to know. For example, the easy way to remember which number is the routing number and which number is the account number {I always had troubles with this up until this point}.

    And did you know that is a federal law that you cannot wireless {via computer or smart phone} transfer funds from your savings account to your checking more than six times a month. Apparently this law was determined toward the end of the Great Depression so that it would encourage people to use their money and to have bank account rather than stock piling in a savings account and getting better interest. In fact, this law helped boost the economy at helped us to get back on our feet.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    Leg Warmer Catastrophe

    Leg warmers, a thing from the past that is coming back now in the future. I am not a huge fan of leg warmers, though I do find some of them very cute with the proper outfits. To be honest, the only reason I attempted to make a pair of my own was due to the fact that I have an ankle tattoo {that I share with my little sister and mother} which I have to cover up because I work at a bank. 
    it's a Sindarin Elvish tattoo reading "Forever and Always" with some wrapping vines
    I had plenty of yarn lying around following my hat crocheting fetish {I can whip out a nice beanie pretty quickly} so I got to work attempting a simple, yet effective, short leg warmer design. Sadly my attempts did not work out nearly as well as I would have liked them too. So for the time being they are sitting alone on a shelf awaiting their future. I hope to remake them into something more useful, but for the time being they must wait patiently. I am now in search of an actual pattern to see if I can actually create leg warmers worthy of the name and aesthetically  pleasing to the eye.

    Saturday, August 18, 2012

    Back on the Horse

    I was on Blogger once before as Crayola Panda and then when I had to create a new email I wasn't able to transfer the content or contribute with my new email {so frustrating} and so I never really got back on the horse and did my blogging; it's funny how the littlest of things can completely thwart your intentions. Well, I have updated my new blogger and now I want to make a comeback! This blog will not be pointed toward any one particular topic such as crafts, nutrition, or education but it will be about all the aspects of a woman's life as she proceeds through the timeline of newlywed, first time mother, mother of teenagers, empty nest, and retirement. I hope to remain more consistent in my updates and hope to find some followers who will also learn and share their experiences in life!

    So let's get an update on where I am in the timeline of life. I am a newlywed experiencing the tragedy of weight gain that tends to happen right about now. I have a new job as a bank teller which takes about 23 hours out of my week, I also work in food service for an additional 20+ hours a week, and I wrap up the career part of my life as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in all my spare time! I graduated from George Fox University with a complex {yet simple} bachelor's degree that focused in Education and was supported by both Psychology and Religion.  My husband is a photography student who works part time as a pizza hut delivery man. We currently have no children but are both completely smitten by their adorable faces and their little giggles and often look forward to when we eventually have our first.

    That is about as exciting as I get, but don't worry, posts will get more exciting as time passes. I am a Pinterest fanatic and definitely want to share some of my experiences as I try to take projects from the Pinterest world into the real world! I also often have unique ideas and stories that I often start babbling.

    So, until the next time....