Thursday, November 1, 2012

And Tomorrow it Begins Again

Wow, I was doing so well at stifling cravings and eating only what I was supposed to be eating when I was actually on the program, but now that I have these 5 days before I start up again I am having serious issues. It's like I know all these things will be off limits so I need to eat them now {a very bad mentality to have}. My mother came by last night and she brought me some groceries to help with my second Ignite which starts tomorrow {and I will take different before and after photos again}! I am going to have to start packing a dinner on my eat days because it is so difficult to have a straight protein dinner at the cafeteria without sauces or fillers and it is usually 8:30 or later before I can get anything made and eaten at home after work which isn't good either! So there you have, a quick update on that!

I finally got my Jillian Michaels DVD! And tonight my husband is in class until late so I will have time to check it out! We're having some sort of inspection today at the apartment and I had to move all my furniture 12+ inches from all the baseboards; meaning I have to move all of that back before I even think about doing Jillian Michaels, but hopefully it won't take too long...although, I have thought about rearranging the living room seeing as everything is already not in it's place already and I think it may give us a little extra space so I am going to have to measure and compare that as well. Now you can see how it can be so difficult to fit in a workout sometimes, haha.

Well until we next speak, ta-ta!

P.S. Here is a list of wonderful proteins I gathered and combined for use:

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