Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Days

It has been exactly 10 days since my last post and I feel like a wee bit of a failure. But that is okay, I am back on the band-wagon and am ready to rock it! I got my FitBit One on Thursday night and I was SO excited! I love it! My profile finally has some stats on it and I can finally compete with my contacts. I was gone all weekend for a wedding which included a very long road trip so my walking scores on those days weren't so spectacular but things are looking up from here on out.

Additionally I have learned that since I work on the George Fox Campus I also get access to their gym, I am so psyched about this! Meaning I can now workout after work, do a little running on the elliptical machine and get a more rounded weight training regiment. I cannot wait to share my ever shrinking waistline.

The Thanksgiving weekend is nearly here and I am set on being good {sure on Thanksgiving day I will allow myself to eat dessert, but only the day of} and of course I have Black Friday shopping the day after Thanksgiving {even I am throwing a sale} which will result in lots of walking {my FitBit will enjoy that one}.

Goal for today is to beat my steps score from yesterday: 7,047 {had to serve yesterday, that didn't help, working at the cafe today, so we will see how the two compare!}.

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