Saturday, November 10, 2012

Secret Snacker

Hello, my name is Hannah Sam and I am a secret snacker. 
Calories eaten in secret don't count, right? NO!

I've heard it before from other ladies, "I eat so well at home but when I come to work I'm not so good and I tell my husband I don't know why I am not losing weight". I myself have thought it, "I'm tracking 1400 calories or less a day on MFP for weeks and I'm not losing weight".

Well, we forget to add the 15 calories here, there 40 calories there, and that small donut you snagged off the table right before you left the office. Well of course, if your calories out is less than your calories in you are not going to lose weight, it is a simple matter of math; 2+2=4 but I spent 5 so that's -1. Hurray, you did it! but when you sneak in that extra .5 and .8 you start having issues {-1+.5+.8=.3}.

I have made it my new goal to cut down on these secret snacks. No more snagging a bit of broken cake as I'm cutting deserts, no more sneaking a bite of the husband's pizza when he has left the room, no more hoping the husband won't notice that there are two less cookies in the cookie jar. 

My name is Hannah and I'm 1 day secret snacking free!

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