Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Women Stalk

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is time to jump back on the bandwagon and forget the tasty treats from our Thanksgiving feasts. I did allow myself to eat what I wanted on Thanksgiving weekend, but I tried not to go hog wild. It is said that the average American Thanksgiving feasters eat around 6,000 calories, while I did go for a nice walk on Thanksgiving day {and plenty of walking on Black Friday} I know I did not burn that kind of calorie count.

My gym access card in hand today I work and then head to the gym for the first time in over 2 years. I look forward with excitement and trepidation.  I hope to find a routine that works well for me and then I will let you know what I decide on. I know I will use the elliptical machine {I have always preferred it to a stationary bicycle and a treadmill} and there are plenty of weight machines to start up on as well.

I have found a new website All Women Stalk via a pin on Pinterest it is a collection of women and their blogs while I pay most attention to the 'weight loss' section it also include sections focusing on hair, makeup, beauty, fashion, celebs, cooking, travel, and more!

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