Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 5 of Ignite

Today I decided I was not going to do another round of Ignite any time soon. It has brought results and I do feel healthier, but I am not sure it is entirely what I want at this time. Particularly with Christmas coming up and deciding whether to spend money on me or other people and also just wanting to force myself into a more natural healthy lifestyle. Meaning I need to work out more and eat "real food" more often so that I can eat what I need to be eating and enjoying it too. Not to say I will completely stop with Xyngular products, I am going to stick with the CHEAT and the LEAN for sure. Adding a little protein for snacks, breakfasts, and desserts are great and getting a little less fat with my meals sounds like a good plan to me!

√  Take 1 Xyng (pill) first thing in the am {8:30am}
√   Breakfast shake- 8 oz water with one scoop protein {I made it warm again, yum {9:00am}
            two capfuls of juice with water and 2 Axion tablets 
√   Mid morning snack -  smalle apple and Adam's peanut butter  (Sprinkle CHEAT) {11:05am}
√   Lunch high protein and fiber meal consisting of  spinach, chicken breast, fruit salad, and a little hamburger soup. Circa 550 calories (Sprinkle CHEAT) {1:20pm}
             take two Accelerate
√   Dinner high protein meal consisting of chicken and cauliflower (Sprinkle CHEAT) {6:30pm}
√   Before bed - take 2 Flush with herbal tea {10:00pm}

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