Thursday, November 8, 2012

100 Calories

Now that I am back to counting calories with MFP I thought I would share somethings that I found to help me and hopefully they will help you too. Like, what does 100 calories look like {}?

I have also decided that to help keep myself accountable to some degree I am going to put a picture on Instagram of every meal I eat and the approximate calories. My Instagram name is samsgirl33 if you are at all interested in following that. Today I am going to try to eat just about around 1624 calories {sprinkling CHEAT on everything, of course}, we will see how this goes! I got 2 of my 3 meals posted on phone was being used as an iPod during dinner for the crew so I wasn't able to take a picture.

I had a total of 1639 calories, the goal being 1624, I did go a wee bit over...and I did splurge on my lunch and I probably should have saved that for a different day with a higher calorie goal {well, a lesson learned}. Until tomorrow dear folk!

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