Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is Xyngular

Many people think of Xyngular as being merely a fad diet, but it really is quite a bit more than that. I want to share some things about the ingredients and the benefits found in this "diet".

"The supplements you will be using during your program will increase your metabolism, eliminate 25% of the calories you eat, curb hunger (allowing you to make better food choices), detoxify your system-eliminating toxins that slow down your metabolism, give you energy for life, assist in building your lean muscle tissue, protect your body from free radicals that cause cancer, stabilize your blood sugars-allowing your body to burn fat rather than store fat, and provide many, many other positive benefits!"

– Does 3 things to assist in weight loss. 1.) Stabilizes blood sugar which helps your body get into a fat burning
mode and reduces cravings for high sugar/high fat food. 2.) Gives you a natural mood boost which makes you feel
better and less likely to reach for food to boost your well being. 3.) Gives you a natural energy that lasts all day. So
many times we eat thinking it will boost our energy, but now you won't have to do that!

– A pure protein source that assists in building and maintaining lean body mass-your body’s most
important fat burning tool. Start every day with a Lean shake for your optimal body.

- Contains green tea and other components found to elevate your metabolism and cause your body
to burn fat, (Thermogenesis). Many situations in life cause your body to go into a fat-storing mode: overeating, lack of exercise,pregnancy, etc. Accelerate will get your body back into a fat burning mode and get you back on track to your ideal weight.

- An all organic product that gets rid of all the toxins in your system and cleanses your colon wall.
Getting rid of the plaque on the colon wall allows the body to properly absorb the nutrients in the food you are
eating. Consequently you will have fewer cravings and a much healthier body. If you have problems with
regular bowel movements, this product will work magic!

– An all natural fiber product from a Japanese root called Konnyaku. You simply sprinkle cheat on
your food. When it hits your stomach it expands and creates a viscous gel that literally traps 25% of the food you
just ate eliminating it without your body ever absorbing the calories. Think of Cheat as a credit card that gives you a
25% discount on everything you buy. Somehow I don’t think you would ever forget to use it.

– Contains the nutrients and benefits of 22 different super fruits. When your body
is breaking down fat, toxins are released into your blood stream. These are things like: pollutants from air and water,
prescription medications that have built up in your system, Vitamins like A, D, E, and K (which are healthy but when
stored in excess in fat tissue turn toxic), etc. All of these and more are released as free radicals into your system. Super
Fruit Global Blend contains antioxidants which assist our body in eliminating and stabilizing these free radicals keeping
our bodies in optimal health. Drinking 2-6 oz daily of Super Fruit Global Blend will optimize your health and assist in
keeping your body weight in an optimal range. Last but not least, Super Fruit Global Blend contains only 22 calories
per serving.

√  Take 1 Xyng (pill) first thing in the am {8:00am}

√   Breakfast shake- 8 oz water with one scoop protein and some cocoa  {9:00 am}
            I forgot to take my Axion tablets today and drink my juice...oops! 
√   Mid morning snack- 5 oz canned chicken with cauliflower (Sprinkle CHEAT) {11:15am}
√   Lunch Shake - 8 oz hot water and one scoop protein, some cinnamon, and cocoa {1:00pm}
          two Accelerate and 2nd Xyng

√   Afternoon snack - 5 oz canned chicken with broccoli (Sprinkle CHEAT) {4:35pm}

√   Dinner Shake - 8 oz water and one scoop protein {7:05pm}

√   Before bed - take 2 Flush with smooth move tea {8:00pm}


  1. How many calories are you consuming per day, 600? I'm very sorry but this is terribly unhealthy. Undoubtedly, you will lose weight when you are eating 600kcal per day. What do you think will happen when you stop the "diet" and go back to normal eating?

  2. Every day does not consist of such low calories, the idea of the "diet" is to retrain your metabolism and learn how to make healthy choices. After each "Ignite" period you spend some time eating a balanced, healthy diet and then can continue to do as many ignites as you would like. I personally have made very poor food choices since stopping my 2.5 ignite periods and I have only gained back 4lbs. since then. This has been tested by many people and not only have they lost weight but kept the weight off, this "diet" is not solely used as a weight loss supplement but is also used to build a healthier, happier you.