Friday, November 2, 2012

Slimmer by December

Here we go again, and this time it will be better, much better! I am excited to start my second Ignite and I have learned a wee bit more about the product and the required diet so hopefully this time around the results will be better. In addition I am including workouts, which I really didn't do the last time around. To help keep my accountable for these exercises I am also taking a part of a challenge proposed by the Mama Laughlin Fitness Camp on Facebook. We are required to have a workout of some sort everyday in the month of Novemeber. It is a contest to see who will lose the most weight. I am excited about this and have faith that I will have great results this month {because positivity is key!}. Yesterday I worked on core and some weights and today I walked. Sadly, I will not get an opportunity to try out my new Jillian Michaels DVD until Monday when my husband is in school. Wish me luck!

√  Take 1 Xyng (pill) first thing in the am {8:25am}
√   Breakfast shake- 8 oz hot water with cocoa baking powder {this was way yummy}  {9:15am}
            two capfuls of juice with water and 2 Axion tablets
√   Mid morning snack- 5 oz canned chicken in water; drained  (Sprinkle CHEAT) {11:15am}
√   Lunch Shake - 8 oz water and one scoop protein {1:30m}
          2 Accelerate and 2nd Xyng
√   Afternoon snack -5 oz canned chicken in water; drained  (Sprinkle CHEAT) {4:45pm}
√   Dinner Shake - 8 oz water and one scoop protein {6:50pm} 
√   Before bed - take 2 Flush with herbal tea {10:00pm}

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