Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time Change, Say What?

I just LOVE getting an extra hour of sleep, I really needed it. I had to work yesterday {I don't usually} and it was a long day! But today is my first eat day of my second Ignite week and I am looking forward to some turkey burgers! Today was a hard day for some reason. I weighed in, having lost 1.5 pounds from yesterday. I love food and I love flavour and not being able to eat food to much of an extent is difficult. I loved having peanut butter at lunch, cottage cheese, ketchup...and all I really wanted for dinner after my long day was peanut butter, fruit, and a little bit of chocolate.

√  Take 1 Xyng (pill) first thing in the am {8:45 am}
√   Breakfast shake- 8 oz water with one scoop protein {9:45 am}
√   Mid morning snack- 5 ounces boiled chicken breast and low fat string cheese  (Sprinkle CHEAT) {11:30am}
√   Lunch consisting of a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter, turkey burger patty with ketchup, and a little low-fat 
     cottage cheese. Circa 500 calories (Sprinkle CHEAT) {1:30pm}
√   Dinner consisting of turkey burger patty and steamed broccoli (Sprinkle CHEAT) {6:30pm}
√   Before bed - take 2 Flush with decaf tea {8:00pm}

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