Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rough Day

As the titles states, it has been a rough day. I pretty much felt like a failure at everything  you know how you have those days? On top of it all I have been battling a cold that just lingers like bad company. This evening though; after sitting down with a warm mug of tea {which always gets cold before I finish it because I forget that it is sitting there}, a blankie, chatting with a good friend, and spending some time online looking at Xyngular and Mary Kay {speaking of which I am working on making my Pinterest boards for both of these better so you should check them out}, I have been inspired again!

Now, when I say things are getting bad, I mean they were getting bad. I put chocolate chips in my dry bowl of cheerios every morning until my cheerios ran out and then I just kept eating the chips! I have decided that as soon as I get rid of this blasted cold I will exercise, even if it means walking outside in the cold {and wearing layers of clothes to ensure I don't get sick again}. And as soon as the Christmas break officially starts for students I will resume my weight loss and healthy eating habits by starting another Ignite week. I think it will be the best time because there will not be loads and loads of unhealthy and tempting things to eat lying around all day and I will have more time to make sure I am staying active.

I haven't told my husband yet, but I am really going to start working on him to be more active too. He decided to a do a bit of a P90X workout the other day and he complained for the following 4 days because he felt so sore from the immense amount of push-ups and stuff he did. I want to start doing more things together even if he is capable of doing twice as much as I am.

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