Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My first "eat day", hurray!

Last night I ran through the Taco Bell drive-throu to get my husband some dinner and on my way home the wafting smells of his dinner were SO tempting and I don't even really like what he orders! Taco Bell has always been my favourite fast food restaurant and it's become the one thing I crave the most when I am starving, drinking alcohol, or what I always respond with when my husband makes me decide where we are going to eat. But do not worry, I resisted eating even a bite of his food and it was a little difficult.

The last few days the chefs have been making special dishes for the few people who have been working this week at it has been so hard to pass up on creamy-homemade alfredo (my favourite pasta) and Asian bbq london broil with yakisoba and salad with cranberry vinaigrette (one of my favourite dressings) the last two days. I am so excited to see what they have prepared for us tomorrow {my stomach trembles with anticipation!}.

I weighed in this morning at 165.4 lbs making for a grand total of 4.6 lbs lost!

√  Take 1 Xyng (pill) first thing in the am {6:33am}
√   Breakfast shake - 8 oz almond with one scoop protein and 2 Axion tablets  {7:15 am}
√   Mid morning snack- low fat string cheese  (I wasn't able to get any tuna) {10:45am}
√   Lunch consisting of: grilled fontina cheese and ham on 9-grain and little creamed chicken chowder 
        (Sprinkle CHEAT) {12:15pm}
√   Dinner consisting of a salmon patti (Sprinkle CHEAT) {7:48pm}
√   Before bed - take 2 Flush with warm water {8:30pm}

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