Saturday, January 19, 2013

Focus on Change

Wow, where has the time gone. I have been reading other blogs, I have been working on my diet, and even working on my physical activity since Christmas but it has been FOREVER since I have gotten on here and wrote anything. Apparently I am not a very good blogger, but I enjoy it and my stuff isn't too bad when I actually do it.  (•‿•)

Well, I might as well start from the "beginning". I've realized that I have been totally focusing on results and not being the best at trying to change my actually habits and thoughts. I decided that this needed to change! I got on Facebook {don't we all anymore?} and I made a group of friends who I knew were also interested in getting healthier and losing weight. I try to post at least once a day some sort of inspirational photo, status, or combination there of to help not only them, but myself at making it through rough patches and to stay motivated. A friend introduced me to Biggest Loser online and they have little challenges and such that you do. It was here that I found an idea that I have taken on and am making a habit. Every time I go into a restroom I take the time to do 10 squats while I am there {do this inside the stall unless you want to look a little funny}. It has worked out great! I am looking at adding a new habit soon and have thought about doing 20 jumping jacks when I first get out of bed {or something like that, holler if you have any good ideas}. I have also really tried to focus on the foods that I eat, not only am I trying to eat fewer calories, but I am really honing in on good food choices and then I will later spend more time focusing in on the calorie intake versus usage. I am eating lest white carbohydrates and am trying to eat more whole grains. I have learned that I really enjoy quinoa, barley, and wheatberries when they are prepared properly.  

I really feel good about what I have been doing and where these steps will take me. Still, my greatest downfall is still sweets!! I am consistently having urges to eat ice cream, chocolate, and desserts with fruits. I  know that as I get stronger in the habits that I am currently working on and as I chip away at my desire for desserts that I will be able to achieve that which seems impossible now.

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