Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Post Your Blogs on Facebook or Twitter!!

Okay, so I Googled how to have my blog posts updated to Facebook and Twitter and I discovered TwitterFeed and so far I LOVE it. It works great and it is SO simple to set up. The only thing I discovered was that when the blogs get updated to Facebook they just give a tinyURL and an image (if you choose) and it doesn't really give any description, however, if you have your Twitter setup to post it's updates to Facebook then you can have Facebook updates with the descriptor and it is fantastic. An additional aspect is that once you have your feeds setup, your dashboard will show you stats on how many people have clicked on each post. You'll be able to compare posts and see just how Twitterfeed is helping to build your traffic {or at least that is what it claims!}. So I would definitely recommend it!

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