Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leg Warmer Catastrophe

Leg warmers, a thing from the past that is coming back now in the future. I am not a huge fan of leg warmers, though I do find some of them very cute with the proper outfits. To be honest, the only reason I attempted to make a pair of my own was due to the fact that I have an ankle tattoo {that I share with my little sister and mother} which I have to cover up because I work at a bank. 
it's a Sindarin Elvish tattoo reading "Forever and Always" with some wrapping vines
I had plenty of yarn lying around following my hat crocheting fetish {I can whip out a nice beanie pretty quickly} so I got to work attempting a simple, yet effective, short leg warmer design. Sadly my attempts did not work out nearly as well as I would have liked them too. So for the time being they are sitting alone on a shelf awaiting their future. I hope to remake them into something more useful, but for the time being they must wait patiently. I am now in search of an actual pattern to see if I can actually create leg warmers worthy of the name and aesthetically  pleasing to the eye.

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