Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back on the Horse

I was on Blogger once before as Crayola Panda and then when I had to create a new email I wasn't able to transfer the content or contribute with my new email {so frustrating} and so I never really got back on the horse and did my blogging; it's funny how the littlest of things can completely thwart your intentions. Well, I have updated my new blogger and now I want to make a comeback! This blog will not be pointed toward any one particular topic such as crafts, nutrition, or education but it will be about all the aspects of a woman's life as she proceeds through the timeline of newlywed, first time mother, mother of teenagers, empty nest, and retirement. I hope to remain more consistent in my updates and hope to find some followers who will also learn and share their experiences in life!

So let's get an update on where I am in the timeline of life. I am a newlywed experiencing the tragedy of weight gain that tends to happen right about now. I have a new job as a bank teller which takes about 23 hours out of my week, I also work in food service for an additional 20+ hours a week, and I wrap up the career part of my life as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in all my spare time! I graduated from George Fox University with a complex {yet simple} bachelor's degree that focused in Education and was supported by both Psychology and Religion.  My husband is a photography student who works part time as a pizza hut delivery man. We currently have no children but are both completely smitten by their adorable faces and their little giggles and often look forward to when we eventually have our first.

That is about as exciting as I get, but don't worry, posts will get more exciting as time passes. I am a Pinterest fanatic and definitely want to share some of my experiences as I try to take projects from the Pinterest world into the real world! I also often have unique ideas and stories that I often start babbling.

So, until the next time....

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